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As a Naturopathic Physician specializing in women's health, I've observed the detrimental impact of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment. These substances can disrupt our entire endocrine system, leading to complications in menstrual cycles, reproductive health, and breast health. While we may not have complete control over the chemicals we are exposed to each day, we can take deliberate steps to cultivate living and working spaces that are as free of these disruptive compounds as possible.

Traditional indoor paint can be a source of these endocrine-disrupting chemicals, often containing Volatile Organic Compounds, Phthalates, BPA, and APEs. The ingredients in paint are often overlooked when striving for an eco-friendly home. That is why I recommend Alkemis Paint to my family, friends, and patients who are seeking to create a beautiful home or work environment without exposure to these chemicals. 

— Dr. Maggie Ney, ND & MSCP
Founder and co-director of the Women's Clinic at Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine,
Santa Monica, CA

Alkemis Paint has blessed our abode with a level of clean beauty and mystical vibes far exceeding our expectations. We chose Kobold in our entryway with the intention of inviting a distinct state change upon arrival. We opted for Oracabessa in our guest suite and Amazonite for the adjoining bathroom. We could not be happier with the results. As therapists in the healing arts providing retreats, we know how color can dramatically affect the mood, energy, and frequencies within the body. We wanted to create a healing sanctuary where clients can feel safe, peaceful, and get deep rest. Mission accomplished! The feedback has been amazing… clients and guests come and don’t want to leave. The colors are unique, gorgeous, clean, and natural. The integrity of the ingredients and sourcing complement and are congruent with our mission to invoke healing for all who come into our space. Thank you, Price and Maya, for your creativity, magic and deep commitment to healthy and responsible manufacturing. Alkemis Paint is one of a kind. May it inspire a whole new wave in interior paint design, proving beyond a shadow of doubt, that when we are in right relationship with nature, everyone wins.

— Gaia T., Holistic Psychotherapist / LCSW, Ojai, CA

I've spent most of my adult life painting interiors. MANY. And I love paint. That being said, I'm overwhelmed by the quality of Alkemis Paint: its texture, materiality, depth, and luminosity of color, watching it transform as it dries, and how it applies. Nothing I've worked with comes close. There's no turning back.

— Anne Fischer, Visual Artist, Union City, NJ

I am thrilled with the outcome of my freshly painted dining room in Alkemis’ luxurious, moody, Grail. My home is a 1935 Spanish Revival and I was nervous about committing to a color. Grail ended up being the perfect pick for my indecisiveness because it looks different every time I walk through the room; depending on the light, a soft green, dusty teal, or warm gray tone that is simultaneously flat and luminous. It made a room I was struggling with feel cozy and complete. The product is remarkable. It dries almost immediately, and has no fumes or paint smell. I had furniture and artwork back up within an hour of the second coat!

— Delia S., Producer, Los Angeles, CA

When we heard about Alkemis and their unique all-natural, hand-crafted paint made from crystalline pigments, we were instantly curious and had to try the product. We chose the color White Magic to help maximize the natural light in our clients' 100-year-old home.  It immediately transformed the life of the house, giving it a new beginning and rebirth.  The paint is easy to work with, dries quickly, and has a beautiful finish. The paint is exceptionally eco-friendly, has no odor, and looks fantastic, making it the obvious choice.

— Jane & Angus, Home Staging & Interior Designers, Los Angeles, CA